SAP esports at Gamescom 2020

With its rapid growth, esports offers SAP a variety of opportunities to level up, integrate our technologies and develop the ecosystem. New technologies benefit both pro players by optimizing their training, and spectators by delivering a better fan experience.

SAP esports at Gamescom 2020


There's a growing demand for analytics software - for performance-based coaching, scouting, and talent management for teams and league organizers, and for useful insights for fans. And we're here to offer our technological expertise and innovative ideas.

SAP's sponsorship of Team Liquid, announced in April 2018, was our first collaboration with a professional esports organization. From there we collaborated with esports event organizers ESL (Electronic Sports League) and PGL (Professional Gaming League), as well as with layerth, a startup providing event organizers with in-game live overlays during the live stream.

SAP esports at Gamescom 2020


As the Official Innovation Partner of Team Liquid, we are providing in-game data analytics based on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA. Our esports development team has worked closely with the Team Liquid Dota 2 team to improve its match preparations and gain new strategy insights. In October 2019, the partnership continued with a new collaboration with the Team Liquid League of Legends team - using our experience and analytics to support them on their continuous mission to be one of the world's most successful teams.

SAP esports at Gamescom 2020


SAP Esports Experience

In 2019, SAP created a physical esports showcase providing a 360° look at all our activities in the world of esports. Now, so that as many people as possible can enjoy this experience, we've created a digital version that premiered at this year's virtual Gamescom. And you can be among the first ones to enjoy it!

This innovative, interactive showcase brings esports to life and provides insights on many aspects of SAP's work in the esports arena:

  • An overview of the esports industry and why esports and SAP are a perfect fit.

  • An introduction of SAP's strategic partner, Team Liquid, and its successful Dota 2 team - including insights on the technology developed in collaboration with players and coaches.

  • A look behind the scenes of esports broadcasting, and how SAP enhances the fan experience on live streams with unique statistical insights.

  • A look at the parallels between esports and business, and the challenges faced - from team composition, to the need to quickly adapt to changing environments.

Check out the SAP Esports Experience here:

Join us - SAP Exclusive Virtual Esports Event - for talent like YOU!

SAP Exclusive Virtual Esports Event "Drafting Heroes and Talent" - September 28 th , 16:00-17:00 CET.

We are inviting you to a unique and exclusive virtual experience, in which you will gain insights on the development of SAP Technology in esports, witness exciting guest appearances, and see a few surprises from our esports partner, Team Liquid. Let yourself be inspired!

The event will feature Victor Goossens, Founder and co-CEO of Team Liquid, Jonathan "PimpmuckL" Liebig, layerth, Dota 2 Observer, and Melvin Metzger, Esports Developer at SAP .

Moreover (spoiler alert), you might win esport prizes during the event.

Seats are limited for this exclusive event and are reserved for talent who could work for SAP in the future. Please register now and make sure you share your LinkedIn profile with us:

We'll review your profile and if you're selected, you'll receive a link to this exclusive event. We will come back to all those who have registered.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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